The Chair on EU Health Legal Framework and Competition Law – EHCL (the Chair) is an academic project of the University of Milan, sponsored by the European Commission.

The Chair, whose holder is prof. Francesco Rossi Dal Pozzo, full professor of European Union Law has been developed to provide participants with a broader knowledge of EU law, European public health law, and competition law in the pharmaceutical sector with a multidisciplinary approach projected toward the synergy between legal and medical and pharmacological sciences. The professorship includes a cross-reading of several very current topics related to these subjects, such as the prominent antitrust cases that have affected pharmaceutical companies, key elements related to the European health legal framework, and the rules and principles governing the relationship between EU health law and that of member states, particularly that of Italy.

The Chair was the result of a finding that the EU health legal framework and pharmaceutical competition law were not sufficiently covered in the curricula offered by universities in Europe and especially in Italy, where there is no comparable teaching project to the Chair. This is even though this subject is one of the most significant issues for both European and national political agendas, as amply demonstrated by the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

The Chair has been organized in such a way as to stimulate scholarly research and debate not only among university students, but also among doctoral students, academics, and professionals active in the field, such as lawyers, officials of relevant public institutions, and corporate lawyers, and, more generally, society at large.

Within the Chair’s framework, a series of educational and practical activities were planned and implemented, including more than one hundred and forty hours of lectures per year, seminars, conferences, visits to European institutions, and publications in scientific journals.
To increase the dissemination of these issues to a broad audience, relevant materials and doc